Divani Manual

Divani Rg325 Large Relaxer Manual

The swivel glide relaxer chair is space efficient and Features a rich design with headrests that are adjustable in multiple ways. Covered an a Luxury Trend Leather to provide the ultimate comfort. NOT AVAILABLE AT ALL STORES.
  • Moulded Foam 10 Years
  • Frame 5 Years
  • Mechanism 5 Years
  • Leather 2 Years
DimensionsWidth Height Depth
Divani Rg125 Compact Relaxer Manual 710 930/1050 860/900
Divani Rg225 Standard Relaxer Manual 760 1000/1120 930/970
Divani Rg325 Large Relaxer Manual 810 100/1120 930/970
All sizing are shown in millimeters and are provided as a guide only and are subject to change without notice.
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